zumo concentrado de fresa 65 brix

Strawberry Concentrate

Strawberry concentrate:

Spain is a top quality strawberry concentrate manufacturer, our concentrates are exported worldwide because of high quality, aroma, color ande flavor.

Strawberries are harvest mainly in Huelva area, were we can find lots of berries productions.

It is specially designed to produce drinks, soft drinks and dairy. Low brix concentrates are recommended to smoothies manufacturer and higher brix producto to productions where do not need pulp in final recipe.

Factory can produce da drink only by dilution at 7-10 brix to get a ready to drink

Strawberries has vitamin C a high content and also quantities of folic acid, vitamin K and Niacin. Mineral content of strawberry  is mainly potasium and calcium and has a lot of fiver and low calorie.


All our strawberries products are produced in qualified and certified installations. We produce some qualities atar are exported around the world:

  • Strawberry concentrate 16-18 brix
  • ST. concentrate 30-32 brix
  • ST. concentrate 65 brix.
  • Organic strawberry concentrate 60 bx

This concentrate is packed  in bag in box 20 kg and aseptic drums 250 kg. We storage this concentrates in freeze conditions to support our customers with the best high qualities.


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