sourcherry concentrate tart cherry montmorency

Sourcherry concentrate

Baor Product develope a new range of sourcherry concentrate inside our range our Go Nine concentrates, that are beeing distributed worldwide.

  •  Sourcherry Montmorency type ( tart cherry ),   well known because of his antioxidant properties mainly. Those sour cherry is a perfecto complement to our go nine pomegranate concentrate, that also has antinflamatory properties . This concentrate is beeing used more and more each day because of her healthy properties.
  • Sourcherry Lutowka type,  this cherry is very used in jelly, dairy and ice creams because of her caracteristic taste.
Sour cherry is in general a great antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that out organism produce all days naturally. it provides some solid health benefits are also rich in antocianins, that are a great natural colorant, andit’s rich in nutrients like potasium and iron

There are also different types of cherries used to produce juice. Tart cherry juice is sour to taste and provides a higher amount of anthocyanins compared to black cherry juice, which is sweeter in taste and has less anthocyanins. Anthocyanins promote anti-inflammatory processes in the body. Both are great, nutritious options.

Cherries are fruit that are comsummed worldwide and our Go nine, because of her desing and ussage is perfect to produce homemade drinks, coctails, ice cream, desserts and also to salads dressing.
Available in 1 litre go nine, drums 250 kg or bag in box 20 kg.
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