Sial Fair Paris 2022


This week we have had the Sial Paris 2022 fair, one of the most important food fairs in Europe. At the fair we have been able to find some of the most important manufacturers and distributors in the world, SIAL FAIR 2022 After the pandemic, professionals in the sector were eager to bring them together. In general the affluence has been very high, having many problems of connections in public transport with Paris.SIAL FAIR 2022

Food innovation:

At the fair we have been able to present to our clients the new trends in products and markets that are booming worldwide, with good acceptance and sales estimates. The development of new recipes will enable us to offer our customers solutions for various productions

Sial Paris Exhibitor List:

At Fair we fond a huge exhibitor list of food companies envolved in all food area. We found from dairy, juice, jam or soft drinks companies.

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