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Red grape juice concentrate

Red grape juice concentrate:

Red grape juice concentrate is produced from sulphited musts by means of desulphitation and concentration by evaporation. Our red grape juice concentrate comes from the desulfitation of manufacturing musts in the area of Castilla La Mancha, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN.

The main variety used is Tempranillo, which are harvested in August – October mainly in the Castile area. Due to its characteristics, this concentrate forms the basis of many red multifruits and mixtures of different grapes. In addition, it is also used for the production of red wines through alcoholic fermentation.


The concentrated red grape juice must have an intense and bright red color. Furthermore, the product must be fresh and fruity and it is possible to produce a fermentable red grape juice only by dilution to 15-18 brix brix.

Regarding the pulp, the concentrated musts are clarified, and the centrifugable pulp is very low and consequently nectars can be perfectly manufactured.

Red grape concentrate juice is mainly used to make pure juices, for multi-fruits or to make red wines. Brix: 65-66 PH 3.2 – 4.1 Color 400 – 600

Red grape concentrate benefits:

It is a 100% natural concentrated juice SO2 <10 ppm in reconstituted juice 16 brix Glossy and viscous dark red color. The quaity of our juice, makes easy to produce a juice drink only by dilution.


Grape juice comes in various formats and could be found in both aseptic and non-aseptic frozen packaging. In the case of non-aseptic refrigerated packaging, it would only be available in a drum; having an approximate net weight of 250 kg ( 220 liters ). In the case of grape concentrates, storage control is very important, which is why once fermentation has started, the must inevitably turns into wine.

  • 25 tm cistern
  • 200 liter drums
  • Bag in box 20 kg concentrated red grape juice

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