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Red fruit concentrate increase prices

Red fruit Concentrates:

In these days the VI international congress on red fruits is celebrated in Huelva about Red Fruit Concentrates and puree. One of the most important points is the increase in price that they have had in recent harvests. The exponential increase in prices that some fruits such as raspberries or blueberries have had has meant that some fruit juice concentrates have had increases of between 600 and 800% in their usual price.

red fruit for puree or concentrateThe last harvest of strawberry purées was again above 0.95 eur/kg, not being the price the main problem but the availability of the product. We are currently starting the winter harvest, and although prices seem to relax, they will not reach their normal levels. There are many companies that have eliminated recipes from their usual productions, such as raspberries, currants or blueberries, since the chains and the final consumer cannot absorb the price increase. This withdrawal of references has occurred in all the recipes that contain these red fruits, such as jams, or drinks.

Red fruit concentrate price:

At Baor Products we are concerned about offer our customers and we have references specifically designed for the production of beverages, yoghurts or jams and that maintain current prices in order to continue offering competitive conditions to our customers.

The range of concentrates of strawberry a32 and raspberry 32 with seed stand out, which are exported worldwide or our concentrates of raspberry, currant or strawberry 65 that are present in references of many European, Asian and American food chains.

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