Raspberry concentrate

Our Raspberry concentrate is obtained from fruit growth in the south of Spain. There are two area in europe recognised for raspberries, one is Spain and other is Poland, beein spain more famous for our quality and aroma.

This is a very aromatic concentrate with an intense red color.  In Baor products we produce tho kind of raspberry concentrates:

  • Raspberry concentrate 32 brix, mainly used for productions where our customers need some pulp, as marmalade or dairy.
  • Raspberry concentrate 65 brix, mainly used for productions that don´t need pulo, as  drinks or soft drinks, and usually mixed with strawberry or blackberry.

Both qualities has a lo of applications as bakery, dairy, drinks, marmalade, syrups….

We can produce our concentrates in ibc 1000 kg, drums 240 kg or 20 kg bag in box.

Raspberry concentrate label


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