butternut pumkin puree

Pumpkin puree for food industry

Pumpkin puree:

Pumkin pure is prepared from washed and selected fresh, clean ripen and sound butternut pumpkin, sifted through a steel sieve. The product is preserves by  a high temperature-short time process, quick cooling and aseptic packaging. This process guarantees the conservation plenty of organoleptic characteristics of vegetable and aseptic conditions. The process of this puree is made in certified and audited facilities, and for this reason we export worldwide. This vegetable puree is suitable for vegans and dont have any chemist treatment.

As may other vegetable purees, pumpkin has many  health benefits:

  • Rich in vitamin A, which helps us increase the eye’s ability to see better.
  • Source of fiber, which is important to lose weight and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy prostate
  • Maintain proper blood levels and provides energy to our body.

Pumpkin pure is very useful to produce vegetable creams, only with our puree you can get a soft and fresh vegetable puree.

Packing in metal drum with aseptic bag of 210 KG approximately. Product made in Spain with the best quality process.

We are also available in convencional, baby food quality or low pesticide. This puree is having an increase of demand due to the trend to have a health diet. Pumpkin puree is has a strong orange color, and can be used in many applications, not only for vegetable cream. It is very tasty for example a juice of orange + pumpkin puree.

In the production of our vegetable purees is very important to have a perfect finish quality, to control quality of raw materials, this is the reason why we control  purchases of fresh vegetable for our productions.

Technical data:

Brix 6-9 pumking puree

Acidity 0,2-0,6

pH 4.5  – 5-5


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