orange concentrate base

Orange concentrate pulpy NEW TREND!!

In Baor Products we have available an orange concentrate pulpy. This is a premium gourmet concentrate for jams, natural ice creams and salad dressing.

Organoleptic caracteristic of this pulpy orange concentrate are very fruitiness, its like eat real fruit. We produce with a Mediterranean orange profile

This orange concentrate contains a high percentaje of orange cells that makes that customer can bit the juice. The hight ratio of this concentrate makes this orange concentrate very sweet and tasty.

For Jams or bakery filings: ams produced with this orange pulpy concentrate don´t have peel in the production, can obtains a very soft jam.

For Ice Creams: ice creams produced with this orange pulpy has the perfect consistence and 50 brix makes very tasty

For dressing: salad dressing with this concentrate makes eat fruit with vegetable.


brix 49,0-52,0

acididy 2,3-24,0

ratio 19-24

Pulpy orange juice concentrate

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