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Pomegranate juice bulk sizes :

The pomegranate juice season 2022 has just started with a lot of uncertainty about the consumption forecasts for 200 and 2023. There has been very little pomegranate juice left over in Spain from the last harvest and the forecast is that we will have a harvest with normal amounts for Wonderful and lower amounts for other varieties such as Mollar. The pressure from foreign markets will be less this year. In some origins such as Turkey, a 30% drop in fruit production is expected, which will once again position Sword as one of the world leaders in quality juice and concentrate.

This last year we have seen how the pomegranate juice markets have gone down, due in part to the high freight prices, which have made it unfeasible to distribute this juice and concentrate worldwide. the last few months we are seeing how transport prices are going down, and the markets are reactivating.

The harvest in Spain has been good, with a little less quantity in the mollar variety, but the volumes have been almost normal. There are some countries like Turkey that have had a significant drop in fruit production, which is causing countries like the United States to buy pomegranate juices here in Spain. This year, baor products, has new recipes for pomegranate concentrates adapted to the production of jellies and gummies, which are highly appreciated in Asian countries such as South Korea.

World consumption of pomegranate juice:

World consumption of pomegranate juice continues to grow, and although some countries are beginning to notice some decline in consumption, others, such as the United States, are increasing consumption due in large part to the health-promoting properties of the juice and its by-products such as pomegranate seed oil (Omega 5). Transport costs seem to be relaxing, and thepomegranate juice granaka baor main shipping companies are lowering container transport prices, which is helping exports outside Europe to be activated again.

Pomegranate juice Wholesale:

Baor products continues with the promotion of its retail brands and industrial formats. We are starting this 2022 pomegranate harvest with the new delegations from the UK and USA that will give more visibility to our premium quality pomegranate juices. Our pomegranate concentrates also continue to be a benchmark in many markets for the manufacture of jellies and gums, thus being able to add value to the final products.

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