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pomegranate juice nfc

NFC pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice NFC is a juice squeezed directly from fresh, healthy pomegranates and only by mechanical means. The term NFC refers to the words “not from concentrate” which means that it is made from fruit, not from concentrate. Our pomegranate juice comes from squeezing pomegranates grown in Spain, mainly in the countryside of Elche, therefore under the characteristics dictated by AIJN. The main varieties used are Wonderful and Mollar, which are collected in the countryside of Elche and Murcia. The Mollar pomegranate is highly appreciated, due to its sweet taste and its aroma.

This pomegranate can be used alone or mixed with other varieties to lower the acidity of other qualities. Mollar juice is a difficult variety to find and that is located in the south of Spain with a protected identity. Most of the huertanos in the Elche area and as well as in Murcia have historically had a Mollar pomegranate tree planted for their own consumption.


The pomegranate juice should have an intense red color, and can go pale tones. The red color of pomegranate juice is given by anthocyanins, which are not very stable and also brown quickly, for this reason it is very important to keep the product frozen or refrigerated.

Wonderful variety.pomegranate juice nfc manuacturer and supplier

  • Brix 14-20
  • Acidity 2 – 3.8
  • Ph 2-4.4 Variety

Mollar variety

  • Brix 14-20
  • Acidity 0.2 – 0.5
  • Ph 2- 3.8


It is a natural juice Natural antioxidant, because the punicic acid in NFC pomegranate juice is one of the jewels of this juice. It’s a natural squeezed

Packaging and storage:

Pomegranate juice is always stored refrigerated or also frozen and, like other NFCs, it comes in various formats:

  • Approximate 25 tm road tank
  • 200 liter drums
  • Bag in box 20 kg

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