peach puree concentrate

Peach puree concentrate 30/32


Peach puree concentrate is prepared from selected fruit and washed, crushed and passed through a metal mesh and concentrated at 30/32 brix. The mesh sieve is usually about 0.5 mm, which gives us a homogeneous and good texture, being able to have the bostwich in diluted product around 8 – 10

Peach types:

Peach plantations are found throughout the southern and Mediterranean basin of Spain. Peaches contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, copper, manganese and also phosphorus, among other vitamins and minerals.

We mainly have two types, pure yellow peach and red peach.

Yellow peach is the most appreciated, as it gives us a concentrated pure with a clear yellow color.

Red peach gives us more muted yellow tones that are used mainly for blends.

Uses and technical data in peach puree concentrate:

Peach puree concentrate is used by many companies that manufacture from peach juices to compotes or cakes as a topping. The product is pasteurized with a high-short process, 90 degrees for 5 minutes, and filling in aseptic drum filling, which guarantees conservation as well as microbiology.

The drums are normally metal although we can also pack them in cardboard drums.

  • Brix 30/32
  • Size 5 mm
  • Black spot <6 in 10 gr in finished product

Peach puree, like the test of fruit and vegetable purees, are suitables for vegan food and also no chemical process are used in their productions

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