organic lemon concentrate

organic lemon fruit concentrate

We have available organic lemon concentrate, in two qualities, organic Lemon fruit Concentrate cloudy 400 gpl and organic lemon fruit concentrate clear 500 gpl.
Organic lemon fruit concentrate 400 gpl is designed to industries that need a organic cloudy lemon product in their productions as deserts, ice creams marmalades, drinks… this is a low pulp organic concentrate, very tasty and with and aromatic
Organic lemon fruit concentrate clear 500 gpl is designed to industries that need a clear organic lemon concentrate in their productions, as energy drinks, candies or jelly
Booth products are manufacturer in Spain, and organic certified.
We produce in aseptic bag in box 20 kg and septic drums 250 kg net.
Taste: fresh lemon, not cooked
Self life: 18 months
Storage: refrigeration 0-5 ºC
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organic lemon concentrate clear
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