orange concentrate 65 brix

Orange concentrate for industrial use

Orange concentrate 65 bx

Our orange concentrate is produced with natural ingredients, we use all fruit to manufacture a very fruity  concentrate and with a fresh orange color.

It is suitable for many productions, mainly soft drinks, ice creams and bakery, althoug can be used in jelly or marmalade

We produce in some facilities using a made in Spain oranges, mainly Valencia and Sevilla origin varieties.

Mainly produce 6-9 % pulp although is possible to produce orange concentrate 2% pulp or orange clear concentrate 65º brix, mainly in drums or aseptic bib 20 kg. We can also fill our orange concentrates in pet 1 liter under our go nine brand or Granaka brand.

Orange Juice Concentrate has, many applications as juices, fruit beverages, foods industrial applications, bakery products, ice cream, dairy products, soft drinks/drinks, ready meals, jams and syrups.


Brix 64-66,0

Acidity 3,2 – 4,0

Ph 2,0-4,0


naranja para concentrado orange for concentrate

The colour, taste and flavour of this product has to be the typical of fresh oranges.

We have some qualities of orange concentrate, with different organoleptic qualities for different productions.

Ratios of Orange concentrate can be from 12 to 20 depending of the point of maduration of oranges used to produce.



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