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Oat Concentrate

Oat Drink Concentrate or Oat Milk.

Oat meal is being increasingly consumed for breakfast or as a complement to other diets. Oats are a source of protein and fiber and also help control cholesterol.

Vegetable milk drinks in general have the problem of physicochemical parameters, since ph, brix and acidity tend to be very problematic when add them into industrial manufacturing. At Baor Products we have developed an Oat Concentrate with various references, with adjusted parameters for various uses, and which facilitate its incorporation into industrial production. oat concentrate Our oat milk concentrate has a mild flavor and aroma, with a cream color. One of the main characteristics is the ease of dissolution, since only by adding water can you get an oatmeal drink. This oat concentrate is validated for the industrial manufacture of cholesterol- and lactose-free beverages, and has many uses similar to cow’s milk. The world trend right now is going through the elimination of animal milk, and this oat concentrate can be a good substitute.oat concentrate

In ice cream parlors, oat concentrate can be used as a substitute for traditional condensed milk, providing ice cream with a similar creaminess. In addition, since we add fruit extracts to our concentrate, we achieve greater stability and connection with the other added fruits. This addition of fruit extracts allows this connection that is needed for the preparation of smoothies with vegetable milks.

In the case of pastries, our oat concentrate can be used as an addition to dough, providing extra sugars that can help natural fermentation.

In the case of traditional milk drinks, manufactuer only have to use a percentage of our oat milk concentrate to add to the fruit juice recipe, thus having fruit juice with oat milk.

Oat concentrate properties.

Oat milkBy diluting the oat concentrate, we can obtain an oat milk drink. The oat drink is having a great acceptance due to the ease of digestion, and it can be consumed alone or mixed with chocolate or coffee. This versatility and its mild flavor mean that it can be part of making creams, sauces, desserts, smoothies or ice cream.

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