nfc lemon juice concentrate

Lemon NFC

NFC Lemon juice not from concentrate is one of the most consumed juices as acidity regulator worldwide. It is a juice squeezed directly from lemons by mechanical means, after that, eliminating seeds and pulp to get a fresh juice. The term nfc refers to the words “not from concentrate” which means that it is made from fruit, “not from concentrate”.

There are many lemons varieties uses to produce this juice, we was use eureka, primofiori, verna… mainly harvest in murcia area. Murcia lemons origins are one of the most important in Spain due to our quality and our lemons aroma

At Baor Products we squeeze 3 kg of lemons to obtain a liter of juice. We only pack natural lemon juice, without any type of additive, dye or preservative, in other words this is  100% pure squeezed.


NFC Lemon juice not from concentrate has a lot of uses, like dressing, coctails, bakery, juices, ice creams…

  • Dressing: Our pure lemon juice is perfect for salad dressing; as a natural substitute for vinegar or in the preparation of vinaigrettes with a fresh and pure natural flavor.
  • Beverage:Our pure lemon juice can be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails, either as the main ingredient adding only water and sugar to taste or as an ingredient in cocktails, beers or ging tonic drinks.
  • Tea: Our pure lemon juice is perfect to add to tea easily, quickly, cleanly and easily.
  • Desserts: Perfect for the preparation of desserts with lemon flavor, (cakes, cakes, biscuits …) we control the% of pulp of our lemon juice to make it as natural as possible.
  • Health: The antioxidant property of lemon is well known and the great benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning. Lemon juice can be applied to the skin as an antiseptic against certain forms of acne (blackheads). It is also used to rinse to relieve sore throat, tonsillitis, canker sores, or gingivitis.
  • Cooking: It can be used for marinating meats before being cooked, which makes the meat more tender and ceviche-type meat recipes. It is also used to avoid bad color in fruits and vegetables when cutting them and coming into contact with the air, such as artichokes, potatoes or aubergines. In the preparation of homemade jams, adding lemon juice makes the preserves lighter and more palatable.
  • Industrial use: In the industrial sector, natural lemon juice is well known as a natural additive for countless productions. At baor products we have road tank, drums and a 20 kg bag in box of the highest quality squeezed lemon juice NFC, which is used by our clients for the production of beverages, such as natural acidifier, jams or preserves.


The NFC lemon juice not from concentrate must have a bright color, being able to go to pale tones, if we find a juice that is too pale, with brownish touches this would denote very ripe lemons. Regarding the pulp, the centrifugable pulp is usually 6-9% as in all citrus fruits. It is possible to make a selection of lots with low pulp being close to 2% but this juice is less organoleptically natural. We are distributors  and exporters of a fresh, aromatic, and fruity lemon juice, above all, with an intense yellow color.

Brix: 5-7nfc lemon juice

Acidity: 4,5 – 6


Properties of NFC lemon juice not from concentrate:

  • It is a natural juice
  • Squeezed
  • Pulp between 6 and 9%
  • low limonine


lemon juice comes in several formats:

  • 25 tons tank
  • 200 liter drums
  • Bag in box 20 kg


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