NFC mandarin juice

mandarin juice NFC

Mandarin Juice NFC:

NFC Mandarin juice is made from the squeezed of mandarin fruits.  It is a juice squeezed directly from mandaris by mechanical means, after that, eliminating seeds and pulp to get a fresh juice. The term nfc refers to the words “not from concentrate” which means that it is made from fruit, “not from concentrate”.

Our mandarin juice comes from squeezing mandarins, in other words, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN, 100% natural and 100% without aditives.

The main varieties used are the clementine and satsuma, that are harvest mainly in Valencia, Murcia and Seville area.


The NFC mandarin juice must have a bright orange-red color, being able to go to pale tones, if we find a juice that is too pale, with brownish touches this would denote very ripe oranges. Regarding the pulp, the centrifugable pulp is usually 6-9% as in all citrus fruits. It is possible to make a selection of lots with low pulp being close to 2% but this juice is less organoleptically natural.

Mandarin Juice is usually used in the juice production alone or with an ingredient of other recipes with others fruits as oranges o multifruits. We are distributors  and exporters of a fresh, aromatic, and fruity orange juice, above all, with an intense orange color.

Brix: 10-12

Ratio 12-16

Mandarin juice benefits:

Mandarin Juice is made from the natural squeezed fruits. Because of this natural industrial production, we can get a fresh, natural and full vitamin content. Our mandarin juice, contains natural pulp inside, that makes more natural and fresh.

The most imporant mandarin juice benefits is the Vitamin C content that make it become  a natural antioxidant like other citrus juices.

  • It is a natural juice
  • squeezed
  • Pulp between 6 and 9%zumo de mandarina concentradoNFC mandarin juice
  • low limonine

Mandarin juice manufacture:

Mandarin juice is manufactured in industrial bulk sizes that are adapted to the customer and production needs . We can produce in several formats:

  • 25 tons tank
  • 200 liter drums
  • Aseptic Ibc 1000 kg
  • Bag in box 20 kg


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