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Lemon Juice NFC 100% natural pure squeezed

Lemon juice NFC 100% natural pure squeezed:

Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the highest rate of lemon exports. However, it is estimated that the harvest for the 2021-2022 campaign will be reduced by 23% compared to previous years. This is due to climatic reasons such as episodes of cold, rain and wind, which had a negative impact on flowering and fruit set in some areas. These low rates come from companies that require this fruit to make their products. An example of this is Baor Products, a company that manufactures lemon juice and lemon concentrate, which is preparing to face this difficult campaign. Spain maintains its leadership in the production of lemons for juices in Europe Lemon is one of the most exported fruits from Spain, conquering the market for being a natural product characterized by its high content of vitamin C. The coronavirus has increased the use of this juice worldwide. The production of the Spanish lemon is part of a demanding model that ensures its quality. This has served to differentiate itself from third-country competitors and seduce the palates of a large number of consumers. Currently, this market has been hit by the adverse weather conditions of 2021, reducing its production considerably. This has generated an increase in the demand for the fruit and its derived products, for which an increase in its prices is estimated in the coming months. However, even under these unfavorable conditions, Spain has around twelve million lemon-producing trees. So, despite the estimated decrease for the next campaign, it continues to monopolize 60% of the production of all of Europe, which makes it the leading exporter of fresh lemon and lemon juice.

Baor Products strives to keep its production With more than 70 years working in the agri-food sector, Baor Products is dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and export of juices, beverages and finished products, with the mission of supplying the industry with quality products, for which they have invested in the best certifications. . Its products include lemon juice, lemon juice and lemon concentrates, made from lemon harvests from Spain, whose decreased production represents great challenges. However, Baor Products remains standing seeking as much as possible to guarantee its customers the supply of these products.

Sunlemon: pure lemon juice nartural 100%

Baor Product develope a new range of pure lemon juice  natural NFC 100% of Spain origin.

Our lemon juice is healthy and natural, and it is produced with lemons harvest in Spain, in lands sitted in mediterranean area. Lemons are matured in the trees, ant thanks to our weather and quick production keep the best aroma and flavour.

Juice is produced in the quicklier time, with a low pasteuritation to obtains a final producto as just squeezed at home and without aditives, colorants or preserves to have a 100% natural product.

Lemon juice has a lot of properties, the most important is that is a natural antioxidant, thanks to her vitamin C, that is very heplfull for our inmune system and reduces risk of disease; something very suitable at any age.

At Baor Products we squeeze 3 kg of lemons to obtain a liter of juice. We only pack natural lemon juice, without any type of additive, dye or preservative, 100% pure squeezed. We apply only a low pasteurization process, so that it maintains the best organoleptic characteristics

We process in production and filling plants with the highest quality and certification standard que supply our clients the best product as possible.

At baor products we have expanded the packaging range of our natural lemon juice to a 750 ml glass bottle to avoid plastics and protect the environment. The product will be distributed worldwide with the company’s commercial network, with labeling in three languages, Spanish, English and French.

Our lemon Juice NFC has a lot of uses, like dressing, coctails, bakery, juices, ice creams…

Dressing: Our pure lemon juice is perfect for salad dressing; as a natural substitute for vinegar or in the preparation of vinaigrettes with a fresh and pure natural flavor.

Beverage: Our pure lemon juice can be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails, either as the main ingredient adding only water and sugar to taste or as an ingredient in cocktails, beers or ging tonic drinks.

Tea: Our pure lemon juice is perfect to add to tea easily, quickly, cleanly and easily.

Desserts: Perfect for the preparation of desserts with lemon flavor, (cakes, cakes, biscuits …) we control the% of pulp of our lemon juice to make it as natural as possible.

Health: The antioxidant property of lemon is well known and the great benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning. Lemon juice can be applied to the skin as an antiseptic against certain forms of acne (blackheads). It is also used to rinse to relieve sore throat, tonsillitis, canker sores, or gingivitis.

Cooking: It can be used for marinating meats before being cooked, which makes the meat more tender and ceviche-type meat recipes. It is also used to avoid pardeamintos in fruits and vegetables when cutting them and coming into contact with the air, such as artichokes, potatoes or aubergines. In the preparation of homemade jams, adding lemon juice makes the preserves lighter and more palatable.

Industrial use: In the industrial sector, natural lemon juice is well known as a natural additive for countless productions. At baor products we have road tank, drums and a 20 kg bag in box of the highest quality squeezed lemon juice NFC, which is used by our clients for the production of beverages, such as natural acidifier, jams or preserves.



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