lemon juice concentrate cloudy

Lemon fruit concentrate cloudy

Lemon concentrate cloudy:

Lemon concentrate cloudy  is ideal for the production of soft drinks and beverages. Also is available for bakery, ice creams, jams , syrups or ph regulator.

With this concentrate can get a fruity fresh lemon taste and flavor.

The most important quality parameter of lemon concentrate is GPL. We produce  two varieties, lemon concentrate cloudy  400 gpl and lemon concentrate cloudy 500 gpl.

We are produce in drums 250 kg and in aseptic bibs of 20/ 25 kg.

Lemon concentrate 400 gpl:

Brix 45,50

Acidity 31 – 33

Ph  3,5 max

Lemon concentrate 500 gpl:

Brix: 50-52

Acudity 40,0 – 43,0

Ph: 3,0 max

Lemon  has a lot of properties, the most important is that is a natural antioxidant, thanks to her vitamin C, that is very heplful for our inmune system and reduces risk of disease; something very suitable at any age.

We process in production and filling plants with the highest quality and certification standard que supply our clients the best product as possible.

At baor products we have expanded the packaging range of our natural lemon juice to a 750 ml glass bottle to avoid plastics and protect the environment. The product will be distributed worldwide with the company’s commercial network, with labeling in three languages, Spanish, English and French.

Lemon concentrate recipe:

Our lemon fruit concentrate  has a lot of uses, like dressing, coctails, bakery, juices, ice creams…but the most used one is lemonade

Dressing: Our pure lemon concentrate  is perfect for salad dressing preparations

Beverage: can be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails, either as the main ingredient adding only water and sugar to taste or as an ingredient in cocktails, beers or ging tonic drinks.

Tea: is perfect to add to tea easily, quickly, cleanly and easily.

Desserts: it is usseful to desserts with lemon flavor, (cakes, cakes, biscuits …) we control the% of pulp of our lemon juice to make it as natural as possible.

Industrial use: In the industrial sector, natural lemon juice is well known as a natural additive for countless productions. At baor products we have road tank, drums and a 20 kg bag in box of the highest quality squeezed lemon juice NFC, which is used by our clients for the production of beverages, such as natural acidifier, jams or preserves.



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