grape juice concentrate 65

Grape juice concentrate

Spain is well known  about her grape juice concentrate, that is used in many factories arround the world. We are leaders in quality and quantity grape juice production. This juice is used in many industrial productions and not only in grape juice and wine production filling. Also can be used in bakery, dairy products, ice cream, soft drinks, beverages, ready meals, jams and syrup,

Grape juice concentrate is produced from must  with added SO2. This SO2 is added  to avoid fermentation in storage.

The concentration percentage of SO2 is under level of 10 ppm in final juice rehydrated. Color is yellow clear and brightened.

The mosto common grape juice filling is drums, that can be os 350 net kg aproximately.

For local production we usually use ibc 1000 liters or road tank 25 metric tones. red grape juice concentrate

We are manufacturer and supplier of white grape concentrate, red grape concentrate and deionized concentrate.

Our White grape juice concentrate is produced with mainly with Airen variety. This grape is fruity and characteristic of being used in juices, grape or chapagne.

Our red grape juice concentrate is mainly produced with grapes of Tempranillo variety. This variety makes that we can get colured of 500 in season.

Those concentrates are available in aseptic drum 265 net weight, 1300 kg ibc or road tank of 25 mt that are exported to all Europe from our warehouses.

Normal brix of this production is 65 although we can also produce in 68 brix all qualities


grape juice concentrate 65

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