grape concentrate spain

grape juice concentrate 2022 Spain

Grape juice concentrate 2022 Spain

The experience that a company has in the agri-food sector is probably the most important value that customers take into account when purchasing a product. The growth of Baor Products, a company with more than 70 years of experience in the agri-food sector, makes it a reference in the industrial manufacture and distribution of raw materials. One of the most requested services is grape concentrate for industry, produced under a sustainable food model that prioritizes care for the environment. Grape concentrate is one of the most used concentrates in the food industry, as it is a natural fruit sugar and provides flavor and color to many products.


How is the elaboration of grape concentrate carried out at an industrial level?

The grape concentrate is obtained from sulphited grape juice, through mechanical means it is desulphated and concentrated until reaching the desired brix degrees, normally 65 or 68 brix. This product is mainly intended for the production of wines and grape juices.

In another type of quality, we can have a combination of ingredients to increase the characteristics of the product, with a greater aroma and even the addition of natural tannins from the grape to increase its color. This product is intended for the manufacture of beverages, kombuchas, such as wines and dairy juices and ice cream, among others.

For the production process of white and black grape concentrate, the fruit goes through different phases, including cultivation, harvesting, transfer to the facilities and storage. Afterwards, the concentrated white or red grape juice is prepared by means of a vacuum evaporation technique, obtaining a concentrate with 65/68° Brix. The concentrate is stored in aseptic or non-aseptic refrigerated drums of 250 liters and can also be transported in 2500 kg tanks for large consumers. Although the harvest is still several months away, it is estimated that this year’s grape concentrate harvest will be one of the best in the last decade.

To produce low SO2 grape juice concentrate we need to produce in season, directly from NFC red grape juice or NFC white grape juice. Also can produce NFC grape juice in aseptic drums

Baor Products offers quality grape concentrate to be used in the food industry In the case of black and white grape concentrate, they are ideal raw materials to produce soft drinks, jellies and snacks that can be reconstituted just by adding water. Baor Products manufactures this product at 65 or 68 Brix, while with the red grape there is the option of producing different qualities, according to the color that the customer needs. On the other hand, concentrated white and red grape juices are produced from the dehydration of grape juice with SO2, adding this element to prevent fermentation during storage. On the other hand, during the concentration process, a desulphation of the must is carried out to levels below 10 ppm in the finished juice. baor drums grape juice concentrate All the products offered by Baor Products are produced through natural methods, without the presence of chemical additives or synthetic compounds, making them an excellent vegan and vegetarian option. Likewise, the company maintains a commitment to strengthen national production, under the highest quality standards and with certified suppliers.

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grape juice concentrate drums

World projection of concentrated grape juice

This 2022 / 2023 harvest is expected to be one of the best in recent years in Estaña, both in terms of quality and production volume. Along with this, we also find the forecast of bad harvests in some South American countries and in anti-dumping from the USA to some origins. In addition, the recent dollar-euro parity will also cause some countries that usually bought from other origins to opt for Spanish products, such as the United States, Japan, Australia, China or some South American countries.

now we are specting for rains, to fruit become big and have huge grapes quantities.

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