Granaka pomegranate juice

GRANAKA, pomegranate juice

From our knowledge of fruit and pomegranate juice markets, Baor developed a new range of juice called GRANAKA.
Granaka is a pure squeezed pomegranate juice 100%. We mix o bottled some varieties to get a great range of pomegranate products. All filling in glass bottle 750 ml and label coloured diferenced. Those juices has all the benefits of pomegranate, punicalagin and elagic acid. They are a great healthy help in these times of virus infections.

GRANAKA PINK, is made from wonderful varieties, this juice has a characteristic acid taste and red coloured
GRANAKA PURPLE, is made from mollar varieties, this juice has a characteristic sweet taste with pale red colour. This juice is very apreciated in spain and called ” de piñon dulce” ( sweet stone) because of his aroma and weet taste
GRANAKA YELLOW, is made from the mix of wonderfull and mollar varieties, this juice has a perfect sweet / acid balance,
GRANAKA GREEN, is made from the mix of wonderful and mollar varieties in organic quality, tis juice has a perfect sweet /acid balance with an organic certified quality.

GRANAKA DARK PINK, this is a pomegranate concentrate with some ingredients to improve taste and flavour, designed to produce home drinks. This product is perfect to make drinks, coctails ( like Spanish sangria) or to add to desserts.



pomegranate juice concentrate Granaka

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