Granaka pomegranate juice

GRANAKA, pomegranate juice

Granaka, Pomegranate juice 100% squeezed

Granaka is a pomegranate juice squeezed with a cold press system.

From our knowledge of fruit and pomegranate juice markets, Baor developed a new range of juice called GRANAKA.
Granaka is a pure squeezed pomegranate juice 100%. We mix o bottled some varieties to get a great range of pomegranate products. All filling in glass bottle 750 ml and label coloured diferenced. Those juices has all the benefits of pomegranate, punicalagin and elagic acid. They are a great healthy help in these times of virus infections.

pomegranate juice squeezed 100%

pomegranate juice squeezed 100%


Pomegranate juice benefits:

The main characteristic of the pomegranate is its antioxidant property. Historically it has been recommended as protection against prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s or its anti-inflammatory properties. The pomegranate seed contains Omega 5 fatty acids, which by themselves already prevent heart disease by increasing tissue elasticity.

Because of this elasticity, one of the  main benefits are at the skin, drink pomegranate juice makes your skin makes more healthy.

Our pomegranate juice contains part of skin and due to this, have extra benefits for men due to the punicalagins contains

How to make a pomegranate juice:

The best way to make a pomegranate juice is just squeezed in 2 half sides, as an orange one. With this simple squeezed can get a perfect pomegranate juice.

pomegranate juice filling

pomegranate juice filling

We know that is difficult to find Pom fruits during all year in the market, for this reason we squeeze and frozen the juice till the day that fill in a eco friendly cristal jar.

We fill the juice varieties in different mix proportions or alone, offering to the customer some qualities and taste of pom juice.

GRANAKA PINK, is made from wonderful varieties, this juice has a characteristic acid taste and red coloured

GRANAKA PURPLE, is made from mollar varieties, this juice has a characteristic sweet taste with pale red colour. This juice is very apreciated in spain and called ” de piñon dulce” ( sweet stone) because of his aroma and weet tastezumo de granada exprimido
GRANAKA YELLOW, is made from the mix of wonderful and mollar varieties, this juice has a perfect sweet / acid balance,
GRANAKA GREEN, is made from the mix of wonderful and mollar varieties in organic quality, tis juice has a perfect sweet /acid balance with an organic certified quality.

GRANAKA DARK PINK, this is a pomegranate concentrate with some ingredients to improve taste and flavour, designed to produce home drinks. This product is perfect to make drinks, coctails ( like Spanish sangria) or to add to desserts.

To information in Asia market contact at Baor Shop Asia 

pomegranate juice concentrate Granaka

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