pomegranate fruit concentrate

Go nine! funcional pomegranate concentrate

Go nine Pomegranate Concentrate is a new brand of squash refreshing concentrate developed by Baor Products in Spain.

We know that time and benefits of each product that we eat or drink is important nowadays.

Go nine is a modern  pomegranate concentrate  created from our knowledge including  additional natural  pomegranate poliphenols, elagic acid and punicalagin , the best pomegranate benefits


It is a drink inspired by nature with a great tasty pomegranate flavor.pomegranate concentrate cordial


Go nine refreshments helps you to keep feet at the same time that use your daily drink


Our go nine is a fruit shoot, not only for juice drinks, it is also useful to produce coctails, flavored waters, ice creams, deserts or dressing for fruit salads.


To use go nine pomegranate concentrate just need to mix with water, in the proportion that you want. We recommend add 1 part of concentrate with 7 of water to get a ready to drink, but application depend of customer taste.


Juice drinks 1+7

Coctails  1+4

Mocktails 1+5

Flavored water 1+12

Dressing  – pure


We fill our go nine in 1 liter with dispenser cap to helps useful from the final customer.


Go nine! Drink fruit . to information for Asia market contact at Baor Shop Asia

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