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Food based plant milk concentrate – vegan milk

Food plant based milk concentrate:

At the end of 2022, baor product will have a food plant based milk concentrate range, also called vegan milk made by mixing some vegetal fruits, vegetables, legumes cereals, cereal and concentrate. Baor Products is a vegetable milk supplier.

This product is presented for a direct dilution at factory and is based on the consumption of products of plant origin. Those plant based concentrates are ideal for vegetarian or vegan diets.

Oat milk properties and other vegetable milks:

65% of adults in the world have some type of lactose intolerance and this product range is, like others Baor products ones, only from vegetal origin are perfect for a healthy diet that agree with our environmental sustainable compromise.almond milk concentrate
Food based plants diet is directly connected with a reduction of chronic and cardiovascular diseases, this vegetal diet, contain a healthy lipid profile and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that eliminate the risk the consumption of animal food. Those vegetal industrial concentrates improve levels of  Vitamins A and C, and oligoelements and natural minerals, proteins and fibre natural presented in vegetal food.

Vegetal milk, it is not only to direct consumption, also can be used to produce vegetal sauces like carbonara sauce, or to produce a vegetal milky fruity smoothies

This concentrate is available in drums 250 kg drums and 25 kg containers to produce a vegetal drink only by dilutuion

  • Almond milk concentrate: 

    White color, with fresh almond aroma. This product contains natural protein and this natural vegetal almond oil inside. This almond milk is so nutritive, anda it is also rich in vitamin D and fibre. It is so interesting for the digestive function and is one of the helthiest vegetal milk.

  • Soya milk concentrate:

    Soft brown color. This soya concentrate contains proteins, folic acid and B vitamins..

  • Rice milk concentrate:

    White color, with a soft rice aroma rice. This concentrate is softer than others. It is so interesting for stomach diseases

  • Oats milk concentrate:

    This is a soft brawn concentrate, with a oats flavor aroma. Oat is rich in protein, fatty acids, minerals,  B vitamins and natural fiber.

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