Stone fruit Spain 2020 crop

Due to coronavirus crisis, and weather Spain spect a short stone fruit crop. We started crop with lots of rains and stone storms during trees floewrings and growth fruits, those male a decrease of first quality fruit.
We are picking apricots this week and fruit providers are speaking that those high temperature will produce a quick fruit mature of apricots.
About peach, Spain spect a 30% decrease in fruit production.
Due to our expereince we spect to have a increase demand in fruit concentrate to avoid increase prices in final productions

Strawberry 2020 crop


This year we have approximately the same plantations as 2019 crop. We spect a decrease in production due to we have less workers to pick strawberries in the land. Coronavirus produce the border closure and Spain have a decrease or 15% or workers in the field. Home confinement in Spain has decreased the fresh strawberry consumptions, what has caused a earlier finish of the crop.


Lemon Juice NFC 100% natural pure squeezed

Baor Product develope a new range of pure lemon juice  natural NFC 100% of Spain origin.

Our lemon juice is healthy and natural, and it is produced with lemons harvest in Spain, in lands sitted in mediterranean area. Lemons are matured in the trees, ant thanks to our weather and quick production keep the best aroma and flavour.

Juice is produced in the quicklier time, with a low pasteuritation to obtains a final producto as just squeezed at home and without aditives, colorants or preserves to have a 100% natural product.

Lemon juice has a lot of properties, the most important is that is a natural antioxidant, thanks to her vitamin C, that is very heplfull for our inmune system and reduces risk of disease; something very suitable at any age.

At Baor Products we squeeze 3 kg of lemons to obtain a liter of juice. We only pack natural lemon juice, without any type of additive, dye or preservative, 100% pure squeezed. We apply only a low pasteurization process, so that it maintains the best organoleptic characteristics

We process in production and filling plants with the highest quality and certification standard que supply our clients the best product as possible.

At baor products we have expanded the packaging range of our natural lemon juice to a 750 ml glass bottle to avoid plastics and protect the environment. The product will be distributed worldwide with the company’s commercial network, with labeling in three languages, Spanish, English and French.

Our lemon Juice NFC has a lot of uses, like dressing, coctails, bakery, juices, ice creams…

Dressing: Our pure lemon juice is perfect for salad dressing; as a natural substitute for vinegar or in the preparation of vinaigrettes with a fresh and pure natural flavor.

Beverage: Our pure lemon juice can be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails, either as the main ingredient adding only water and sugar to taste or as an ingredient in cocktails, beers or ging tonic drinks.

Tea: Our pure lemon juice is perfect to add to tea easily, quickly, cleanly and easily.

Desserts: Perfect for the preparation of desserts with lemon flavor, (cakes, cakes, biscuits …) we control the% of pulp of our lemon juice to make it as natural as possible.

Health: The antioxidant property of lemon is well known and the great benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning. Lemon juice can be applied to the skin as an antiseptic against certain forms of acne (blackheads). It is also used to rinse to relieve sore throat, tonsillitis, canker sores, or gingivitis.

Cooking: It can be used for marinating meats before being cooked, which makes the meat more tender and ceviche-type meat recipes. It is also used to avoid pardeamintos in fruits and vegetables when cutting them and coming into contact with the air, such as artichokes, potatoes or aubergines. In the preparation of homemade jams, adding lemon juice makes the preserves lighter and more palatable.

Industrial use: In the industrial sector, natural lemon juice is well known as a natural additive for countless productions. At baor products we have road tank, drums and a 20 kg bag in box of the highest quality squeezed lemon juice NFC, which is used by our clients for the production of beverages, such as natural acidifier, jams or preserves.


zumo de limon puro natural Lemon Juice natural pure Jus de Citron pure natural


FreshPlaza, website of reference for the fruit and vegetable sector, interviewed Juan Carlos Bermejo, to know more about the current situation of fruit concentrates in Spain.

Link here

strawberry puree and concentrate season 2021 Spain


The season  has started very slow, it is expected that strawberry puree and concentrate season 2021 wont change significantly. We have had very low temperatures in the south of Spain and almost no fruit has been harvested.

aster is the date where more fruit is usually collected, and the expected rise in temperatures in the coming days will make the fruit ripen faster. At the moment, it is not expected that there will be many price variations compared to last year because, although less area has been planted, some 6000 hectares of fresh fruit markets have been somewhat stopped.

it speaks of a reduction in production of 2%, which, being so tight, will not be decisive for a price variation.

We are also very attentive to the harvest from Morocco, Mexico and Poland, which seems to help maintain these prices.

Strawberry puree:

The strawberry puree is prepared from selected fruit and washed, crushed and passed through a metal mesh. The sieve of the mesh is usually about 0.5 mm, which gives us a homogeneous puree with a good texture, being able to have the bostwiches around 8 – 10.

Types of pure:

Strawberry plantations are mainly located in the Huelva area of Spain. Strawberries are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, copper, manganese and also phosphorous. Formerly we could find single varietal strawberry plantations for industrial production such as Camarosa.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find them and the purees are made from a mixture of strawberry varieties. This is due to the fact that the strawberry is planted with the most tasty and appetizing varieties for the fresh market. Depending on the sieve used in production we can find strawberry puree with seed and seedless strawberry puree.

Uses and technical data:

Strawberry puree is used by many companies that manufacture jams, ice creams, juices or also compotes or cakes. The aseptic process guarantees the preservation of all the organoleptic characteristics of the strawberry puree. Product is pasteurized with a high-short process, normally 90 degrees for 5 minutes, then the product is transferred to aseptic drum filling. The drums are normally metal although we can also pack them in cardboard drums.

  • Size 1mm, pure with seed
  • Size 0.5 mm without seed
  • Brix 7 – 10 º

The strawberry puree, like the rest of fruit and vegetable purees, are suitable for vegan food and no chemical processes are used in their production. At baor we are manufacturers and distributors of pure fruit and vegetables that we export to many countries around the world. We are a certified company with extensive experience in the markets.

Strawberry concentrate:

Strawberry concentrate 65 Brix is a fruit concentrate developed for the manufacture of drinks, ice creams and dairy desserts mainly. We use strawberry juice concentrate and other ingredients to produce a very fruity concentrate with a deep red color and natural aroma.


The strawberry concentrate should have a bright red color and also purple tones. Regarding the pulp, strawberry concentrate is usually clarified and the pulp that can be centrifuged in diluted juice is below 6%. This concentrate is used mainly as an ingredient in beverages, energy drinks, ice cream, pastry, dairy desserts and the confectionery industry only by dilution.


Brix 60 – 65

Acidity 1.2 – 1.8

PH: 4 max

It is a natural concentrate Valid for drinks, dairy desserts and ice cream.


Strawberry concentrate is usually manufactured in drums or 20 kg bottles. Being able to become aseptic refrigerated or non-aseptic frozen 250 kg drums Bag in box 20 kg

Strawberry puree concentrate:

The strawberry puree concentrates are made by concentrating the simple strawberry puree. We normally concentrate at 18 or 21 brix. In addition, we also have concentrated strawberry bases that are made with ingredients to increase its taste and smell. They are also valid for many applications, from drinks to ice cream. All these products available in aseptic drum or bag in box kg.