Strawberry concentrate season 2023

Strawberry concentrate season 2023:

This year, the strawberry harvest and consequently the strawberry concentrate season and strawberry puree season  will be affected by the bad weather we have experienced in recent weeks. Despite the fact that two months have passed since the harvest began, we still have 30% of the production left to harvest, which indicates that the season will be shorter than expected. The weather has been a determining factor in the low production of strawberries, since the high temperatures during the planting months caused the loss of many plants, the cold temperatures during the first months of harvest have affected the growth and ripening of the fruit.

This has generated a lower quantity of strawberries available on the market and an increase in fresh prices. It is important to highlight that the quality of the harvested fruit has been good, but the quantity is less than inorganic strawberry concentrate previous years due to the decrease in production. This means that consumers will be able to enjoy a tasty and juicy strawberry, but will have to be willing to pay a higher price. In conclusion, this year’s strawberry harvest will be shorter due to bad weather that has affected production. Although the quality of the fruit is good, its availability will be limited and prices will be higher.

We have started the 2023 harvest with empty pure and concentrate warehouses, which means that we may not be able to recover the usual product prices. At baor products, we will continue to offer our customers strawberry puree and concentrate of the highest quality and for different industrial manufacturing both in conventional and organic quality.

Organic Strawberry concentrate syrup:

Our 60 bx organic strawberry concentrate has been very well accepted in the market and is already being exported to different countries for the production of organic ice cream, syrups and organic drinks such as kombuchas, and is becoming a reference in quality.

Unlike commercial syrups, organic strawberry syrup does not contain artificial additives or preservatives. In addition, being ecological, the use of pesticides and other chemical products that can be harmful to the environment and human health is avoided.

The flavor of our organic strawberry syrup is intense and fruity, which makes it the perfect complement to desserts such as ice cream, cakes and cakes. It can also be used to sweeten shakes, cocktails, and other beverages. In addition to its delicious taste, organic strawberry syrup also offers several health benefits. Being a natural source of sugar, it is a healthier option than refined sugar and can help lower blood cholesterol levels. It also contains important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and potassium, which can strengthen the immune system and improve heart health. In conclusion, organic strawberry syrup is a healthy and delicious alternative 100% fruit to refined sugar and syrups.

HPP high presure filling

HPP high pressure processing: «Superjuices»

HPP high pressure processing is a system by which the juice is cold pasteurized, and once packaged. In this packaging, pressure is applied to the final container to deactivate the possible pathogens that are in the product, making it possible to have a more natural fruit juice and as freshly squeezed.

They are the “Superjuices” This type of packaging makes the juice maintain its properties better, being more aromatic and fresh, maintaining its vitamins and properties. In HPP packaging it has the following main characteristics:

  • Destroys, inactivates and reduces microorganisms in the packaged product
  • Inactivates enzymes in the packaged product
  • Stabilizes the product, being able to extend its conservation in refrigeration and/or freezing
  • Maintains the quality of the product, making its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics unalterable after packaging

Under this type of packaging we can fill our final products in retail formats with a very high quality.

This type of process, just as it has benefits in terms of juice quality, also has the drawbacks of expiration, which is normally very short.

Super juices are normally distributed frozen, to be ditributed at  the supermarket shelf, thus reaching the final consumer as fresh as possible, almost as freshly squeezed at home.

pineaple fruit base concentrate

Pineapple base concentrate manufacturer:

Pineapple fruit base concentrate is one of the most widely used base concentrates. In the world there are different origins of pineapple, and each one of them has some characteristics that make it special, either because of the price, the Aroma or the high ratios.

The most appreciated pineapple concentrates are those from Kenya, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico, but each of them, although they have characteristics that, as we say, make them special, also fail in some parameter or pineapple concentrate drinkhave very high prices.

Baor products is a manufacturer of 60 bx pineapple concentrate. Our technical department selects the best ingredients to have a concentrate with a very pleasant flavor, bright color and a great smell of pineapple. Thanks to the fact that our pineapple concentrate contains an extra aroma, it is widely used in different manufactures to obtain quality products at a very reasonable price.

Our pineapple concentrates are part of many products, such as our 9+1 go nine or different dairy desserts or drinks with or without alcohol, The pineapple concentrate is designed for the production of beverages and is within the so-called pineapple concentrate base. As with other concentrates, we pack the concentrated pineapple in aseptic drums of 265 kg/net, under refrigerated conditions, which means that we can reach all parts of the world.

natural lemon juice season

Natural lemon juice concentrate and NFC season:

Spain is a world leader in lemon juice and lemon juice concentrate for its quality. We have been exporting our fresh lemons, juices and concentrates all over the world for many years, both in organic and conventional qualities. Murcia is the epicenter of lemon production, although plantations can be found throughout the Mediterranean arc. As is happening with other citrus fruits, in Spain we are facing a campaign with low lemon production.zumo de limon natural

Since September we have been seeing how the expectations of a good harvest have been changing to a complete change from a great harvest to a campaign with low production. The summer has been very hot and with little rain, which has caused the lemons to have no size and consequently there is a drop in production. In some varieties such as summer there is talk of a 22% loss and in others such as the fine one of 5% In recent years we have been linking harvests with some stiock, but this 2023 we began with almost empty warehouses of quality juices from Spain and with very little stock of Cold Press lemon oil.

The new antidumpung conditions in the United States, which have been active since last year, have been benefiting us compared to juices from other origins, and this year we will have to see if the drop in production compensates for this tariff.

pomegranate juice season

Pomegranate juice bulk sizes :

The pomegranate juice season 2022 has just started with a lot of uncertainty about the consumption forecasts for 200 and 2023. There has been very little pomegranate juice left over in Spain from the last harvest and the forecast is that we will have a harvest with normal amounts for Wonderful and lower amounts for other varieties such as Mollar. The pressure from foreign markets will be less this year. In some origins such as Turkey, a 30% drop in fruit production is expected, which will once again position Sword as one of the world leaders in quality juice and concentrate.

This last year we have seen how the pomegranate juice markets have gone down, due in part to the high freight prices, which have made it unfeasible to distribute this juice and concentrate worldwide. the last few months we are seeing how transport prices are going down, and the markets are reactivating.

The harvest in Spain has been good, with a little less quantity in the mollar variety, but the volumes have been almost normal. There are some countries like Turkey that have had a significant drop in fruit production, which is causing countries like the United States to buy pomegranate juices here in Spain. This year, baor products, has new recipes for pomegranate concentrates adapted to the production of jellies and gummies, which are highly appreciated in Asian countries such as South Korea.

World consumption of pomegranate juice:

World consumption of pomegranate juice continues to grow, and although some countries are beginning to notice some decline in consumption, others, such as the United States, are increasing consumption due in large part to the health-promoting properties of the juice and its by-products such as pomegranate seed oil (Omega 5). Transport costs seem to be relaxing, and thepomegranate juice granaka baor main shipping companies are lowering container transport prices, which is helping exports outside Europe to be activated again.

Pomegranate juice Wholesale:

Baor products continues with the promotion of its retail brands and industrial formats. We are starting this 2022 pomegranate harvest with the new delegations from the UK and USA that will give more visibility to our premium quality pomegranate juices. Our pomegranate concentrates also continue to be a benchmark in many markets for the manufacture of jellies and gums, thus being able to add value to the final products.

Sial Fair Paris 2022


This week we have had the Sial Paris 2022 fair, one of the most important food fairs in Europe. At the fair we have been able to find some of the most important manufacturers and distributors in the world, SIAL FAIR 2022 After the pandemic, professionals in the sector were eager to bring them together. In general the affluence has been very high, having many problems of connections in public transport with Paris.SIAL FAIR 2022

Food innovation:

At the fair we have been able to present to our clients the new trends in products and markets that are booming worldwide, with good acceptance and sales estimates. The development of new recipes will enable us to offer our customers solutions for various productions

Sial Paris Exhibitor List:

At Fair we fond a huge exhibitor list of food companies envolved in all food area. We found from dairy, juice, jam or soft drinks companies.

Red fruit concentrate increase prices

Red fruit Concentrates:

In these days the VI international congress on red fruits is celebrated in Huelva about Red Fruit Concentrates and puree. One of the most important points is the increase in price that they have had in recent harvests. The exponential increase in prices that some fruits such as raspberries or blueberries have had has meant that some fruit juice concentrates have had increases of between 600 and 800% in their usual price.

red fruit for puree or concentrateThe last harvest of strawberry purées was again above 0.95 eur/kg, not being the price the main problem but the availability of the product. We are currently starting the winter harvest, and although prices seem to relax, they will not reach their normal levels. There are many companies that have eliminated recipes from their usual productions, such as raspberries, currants or blueberries, since the chains and the final consumer cannot absorb the price increase. This withdrawal of references has occurred in all the recipes that contain these red fruits, such as jams, or drinks.

Red fruit concentrate price:

At Baor Products we are concerned about offer our customers and we have references specifically designed for the production of beverages, yoghurts or jams and that maintain current prices in order to continue offering competitive conditions to our customers.

The range of concentrates of strawberry a32 and raspberry 32 with seed stand out, which are exported worldwide or our concentrates of raspberry, currant or strawberry 65 that are present in references of many European, Asian and American food chains.

Orange concentrate 2022 2023

Orange Concentrate industrial season 2022 / 2023

We are starting with the orange concentrate bulk sizes new season. We chained several global weak harvests of orange concentrate. In Spain we will start with the orange harvest in about a month and everything indicates that we will have less fruit this year. The flowering of the trees was at a time when the drought, and the high temperatures caused a lot of flowering to be lost and it is estimated that we have a 10% decrease in citrus production. World orange fruit production will have a decrease due to the bad world harvest. Nexw 2023 it is expected one of the lowest world orange season in the last years.

orange juice concentrate


 Orange Concentrate price:

Currently, orange juice concentrate has generalized price increases of over 20%, both in Spain and in Brazil, Mexico or South Africa, which will surely make the world consumption of juices suffer. Most manufacturers are going to produce little orange juice concentrate, since the production costs are very high, and the demand for NFC juice can absorb this fruit. Due to this, it is very possible that prices will continue to rise during this year and will not stop at the levels we have now.

Orange concentrate recipe:

Our orange concentre contains ingredients to stabilize and increase natural characteristics of orange juice concentrate.

Due to our exclusive recipe, products manufactured with our concentrate contains more aroma and flavour than others. This product can be an orange juice sustitute in many others bulk manufacture where need to control parameters or other characteristics of the final production.

Orange concentrate bulk sizes:

bulk sizes are not only road tang and drums, but also bag in box 20 kg. Baor Products manufacture some sizes right to many kins of industries.

Fruit deionized concentrate

Deionized Fruit Concentrate:

Every day more, it is necessary to replace common sugar with other sugars from the fruits themselves, either to add to drinks or to other manufactures where you want to obtain a more natural product. The option to use sugars from fruits themselves is becoming more common and widespread in different manufactures, where we can substitute other common sugars. The benefits of these concentrates lie in being able to use a natural sweetener for various productions deionized grape juice concentrate deionized grape juice concentrate The stemmed ones are obtained from fruit concentrates, usually between 65 and 70 brix, which undergo a rectification process. The main deionized fruits  are:

– Grape

– Apple

– Pear

– Multifruits

deionized grape juice concentrate

deionized grape juice concentrate

– Orange

– Carob

These fruit sugars usually have a lower glycemic index than common sugar, so they are healthier and by replacing them they can make some products healthier. The deionization process takes place in a rectifier, where all the flavors, odors and color of the original fruit are eliminated, thus obtaining a clean concentrate without odor or color that is suitable for many manufactures since it does not provide organoleptic characteristics that do they give us other concentrates.

Grape Juice Concentrate:

Rectified concentrated grape must is obtained by deionizing concentrated grape juices. This process eliminates all the components of the grape concentrate, leaving only glucose, fructose and minerals, thus having a product without aroma and without color, which can be used in many manufactures. Due to its characteristics, this concentrate constitutes a base for multifruits, and mixtures such as jams that obtain their sugar only from the sugar of the fruit. This product is fermentable, so it can also be used in kombuchas or any other production where a natural sugar has to be added to help fermentation. The rectified white grape concentrate is mainly used to make pure juices, for multifruits or for addition in other manufactures where fermentation is needed. Brix: 65-71 pH 3.2 – 4.1

Deionized apple concentrate:

The 70 brix apple concentrate undergoes a rectification process to eliminate all the ionized apple concentrates from the apple except for the sugars. In this process, an apple concentrate of 70 brix is again obtained, very useful for making vinegars or syrups.deionized apple concentrate Apple concentrate is used to manufacture different apple syrups. Thanks to its fermentable power, it is also useful to add to kombuchas or similar preparations. It has been used for many years for the manufacture of apples or pears in apple juice.

Brix: 70 + 1

Acidity 1 -2


Deionized Pear Concentrate:

Like the other rectified concentrates, the 70 brix pear concentrate undergoes a concentrado_peraprocess to eliminate all the components of the pear except the sugars. In this process, a pear concentrate of 70 brix is again obtained, very useful for the manufacture of pear syrup or similar. Brix: 70 + 1 pH 3.2 – 4.1

Multifruit deionized Concentrate:

On many occasions, we are interested in having a deionized multifruit where we have greater price stability and can maintain the quality of the product. This concentrate has different proportions from the previous ones and can also include other fruits such as persimmon, orange or carob. Like the previous ones, this multifruit rectified concentrate can be used in many applications. Like the other rectified concentrates, the 70 brix pear concentrate undergoes a process to eliminate all the components of the pear except for the sugars. In this process, a pear concentrate of 70 brix is again obtained, very useful for the manufacture of pear syrup or similar.

Brix: 65-70

pH 3.2 – 4.1


Fruit Concentrate Deionized Benefits:

They are 100% natural concentrates Labeled as fruit extract or fruit sugar neutral odor neutral taste Viscous bright golden transparent color Industrial packaging of deionized concentrate: Fruit rectification is supplied in various industrial formats and could be found in both aseptic and non-aseptic packaging. In the case of non-aseptic refrigerated packaging, it would only be available in drums; having an approximate net weight of 250 kg Approximate 25 t tanker 200 liter drums Bag-in-box 20 kg

Deionized fruit concentrate manufacturer and distributor:

Baor Products is a manufacturer and supplier of many deionized fruit concentrates. Thanks to our extensive experience in the food sector, we are exporting this fruit concentrates worldwide to make many productionas as sirups, auces, jellys, gummies, kombuchas, vinegars and others fermentable productions. We are recognised providers of the most important world food factories. 

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice manufacturer:

We are Aloe Vera Juice manufacturer and supplier; Aloe barbadensis Miller, has it has healing and medicinal properties. Aloe vera juice is indicated for diets and cures for health conditions and can be taken on specific occasions or also routinely.

Aloe vera Juice benefits:

Among the main properties it has:
– It is a natural  health cleaner; helps detox toxinsaloe vera juice

– It is a natural digestive, helps in digestive problems

– Degrease cholesterol; regularly consuming aloe juice helps eliminate cholesterol and regulate triglyceride levels

– Anti-inflammatory effect; aloe vera juice 100 % contains campesterol, lupeol and beta-sitosterol, which have anti-inflammatory action.

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera juice has essential amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, histidine, tryptophan, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine and valine).

– Helps regulate blood sugar; due to its glucomannan content it intervenes in the regulation of blood sugar

– Prevents constipation; helps regulate intestinal transit

– Helps to lose weight, aloe juice helps prevent fluid retention, and glucomannan has a sanitizing effect

– Contains vitamins and minerals, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.

Baor Products is Aloe Vera Juice manufacturer, supplier and exporter.  We mix the best Aloe Vera Juice with Lemon Juice qualities, just to take the advantage of both juices. This juice mix is presented in ibc 1000 kg just to fill in retail sizes.

Aloe vera juice recipe:

We have available Aloe Vera juice single in drums or mix with our aloe lemon juice concentrate. We also can fill our Aloe-Lemon in cristal jar 750 ml, to that is prepared to direct dilution in big consumers.

Those products are being exported worldwide for many fruit productions due to the natural improve health