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Strawberry concentrate season 2023

Strawberry concentrate season 2023: This year, the strawberry harvest and consequently the strawberry concentrate season and strawberry puree season  will be affected by the bad weather we have experienced in recent weeks. Despite the fact that two months have passed since the harvest began, we still have 30% of the production left to harvest, which […]

pink grapefruit juice

PINK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE NFC: Pink Grapefruit Juice NFC refers to a pink grapefruit juice that has been produced using a process known as “No From Concentrate” (NFC). This means that the juice has been squeezed directly from the fresh fruit, without being concentrated, and then diluted with water again. The pink grapefruit is a variety […]

HPP high presure filling

HPP high pressure processing: «Superjuices» HPP high pressure processing is a system by which the juice is cold pasteurized, and once packaged. In this packaging, pressure is applied to the final container to deactivate the possible pathogens that are in the product, making it possible to have a more natural fruit juice and as freshly […]

pineaple fruit base concentrate

Pineapple base concentrate manufacturer: Pineapple fruit base concentrate is one of the most widely used base concentrates. In the world there are different origins of pineapple, and each one of them has some characteristics that make it special, either because of the price, the Aroma or the high ratios. The most appreciated pineapple concentrates are […]

natural lemon juice season

Natural lemon juice concentrate and NFC season: Spain is a world leader in lemon juice and lemon juice concentrate for its quality. We have been exporting our fresh lemons, juices and concentrates all over the world for many years, both in organic and conventional qualities. Murcia is the epicenter of lemon production, although plantations can […]

Almond Concentrate

Almond concentrate or Almond milk concentrate Baor Products almond concentrate comes in two types, one with skin and the other without skin. These two types are differentiated for the elaboration of different industrial manufactures, depending on the desired final product. Almond milk with skin and Both types have a natural almond color and aroma and […]

Rice Milk Concentrate

Rice dink concentrate or rice milk Rice is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Spain is famous for rice, which is historically consumed in paellas and other traditional foods. Our rice plantations in Valencia, Extremadura or Murcia are famous, where the most appreciated varieties are grown. Our rice milk concentrate is manufacturer with rice from […]

Oat Concentrate

Oat Drink Concentrate or Oat Milk. Oat meal is being increasingly consumed for breakfast or as a complement to other diets. Oats are a source of protein and fiber and also help control cholesterol. Vegetable milk drinks in general have the problem of physicochemical parameters, since ph, brix and acidity tend to be very problematic […]

pomegranate juice season

Pomegranate juice bulk sizes : The pomegranate juice season 2022 has just started with a lot of uncertainty about the consumption forecasts for 200 and 2023. There has been very little pomegranate juice left over in Spain from the last harvest and the forecast is that we will have a harvest with normal amounts for […]

Sial Fair Paris 2022

SIAL PARIS 2022 FAIR: This week we have had the Sial Paris 2022 fair, one of the most important food fairs in Europe. At the fair we have been able to find some of the most important manufacturers and distributors in the world, SIAL FAIR 2022 After the pandemic, professionals in the sector were eager […]