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Apricot concentrate and Peach concentrate 2022

Apricot and peach harvest Spain 2022,

The apricot and peach harvest in Spain will register a decrease in total this season compared to the previous year and there will be less availability of apricot concentrate and peach concentrate. This is indicated by the forecasts of various organizations related to this sector, such as the Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain, whose projections foresee a 9% decrease in the production of these foods at the state level for this year. This situation is of special interest for products derived from these fruits, such as apricot and peach juices, purées and concentrates. This is stated by Baor Products, a company that produces raw materials in the food industry, including various purées and concentrates of these fruits peach concentrate whose harvest, although it is expected to be less than last year, will nevertheless represent a contraction scenario for the industry.

It is expected a reduction in the production of apricot concentrate and peach concentrate

In this general reduction of the stone fruit harvest, the peach would fall by 32% compared to the total for last year’s campaign, while the decrease in apricots would represent, according to cooperatives, 22% compared to said period, but the data that we get availability of fruit are much lower. These reductions would be due to the hail and frosts of last February and March, as well as the hail and abundant rains at the end of May, which have caused delays and contractions in the volume of production during the first half of the current campaign. Peach concentrate The world situation for these two products is not much better, and the prices of peach concentrate and apricot concentrate are very similar in the different producing countries. orange concentrate 65 brix

Manufacture volume of these two concentrates by baor products is expected to be very similar to last year, or even to increase due to the drop in production in other countries. A scenario that is expected to be stable for the second half of the year Despite the fluctuations that are projected this year, the scenario for the production of peaches and apricots, as well as the derivatives produced by brands such as Baor Products, point towards stability as the current campaign progresses. The unions of this sector are confident that, over time, the market for these foods will present increasingly balanced conditions, especially with the arrival of summer temperatures that will encourage their consumption.

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