Applications in food industry, Vegan, Vegetarian and Conventional

Applications in food industry:

We are Vegan food manufacturer and supplier. Our puree, juices and concentrates are 100% plant based and used in several applications of food industry; that is vegan, vegetarian and conventional.

We produce a wide range of plant-based products available for vegan and vegetarian industry.
Our 70 years of experience in food industry makes be experts in this area.

Therefore, we offer “tailor-made solutions” according to the clients specific needs.

Our puree, juice and concentrates are present in many food production worldwide.
World is changing her food habits to Vegan and Vegetarian trends.
in our quality system we are also organic certified to offer not only Vegan and Vegetarian products but organic too.

Vegan Food, vegan food manufacturer

Products are considered vegan if they are not of animal origin and, at no stage of production and processing, has use been made of or has the product been supplemented with:

  • ingredients or components that are of animal origin (including additives, carriers, aromas, fragrances, flavourings, and enzymes) or
  • processing aids that are of animal origin or
  •  substances which are not additives but are used in the same way and with the same
    purpose as processing aids in either processed or unprocessed form and which are of animal origin.

This includes, especially but not exclusively:

  • No meat or any other slaughter products (e.g. offal).
  • No fish or any other marine animals.vegan food manufacturer and supplier
  • No eggs.
  •  No honey
  •  No milk
  • No wax from animals, including wool fat (lanoline), beeswax, and shellac.
  • No fur, no leather, no silk.
  • No royal jelly.
  • No colouring agents of animal origin.
  • No substances which were bleached with animal charcoal.
  • No substances which were clarified with animal substances such as gelatine or fish bladder.
  •  No substances manufactured, obtained or produced from the above-mentioned substances

We are Vegan food manufacturer and supplier and we export and distribute our products worldwide.

Vegetarian food, vegetarian food manufacturer

Products are considered vegetarian if they meet the requirements of paragraph above, with the difference being that in their production, milk, colostrum, eggs, honey, beeswax, propolis, and wool grease, including lanolin derived from the wool of live sheep, and their components or derivatives may be added or used.
There are different types of vegetarians:

  • Apivegetetarianism: they consume the same products as vegans but also include honey in their diet.
  • Ovovegetarianism: they are vegetarians who also eat milk and eggs.
  • Lactovegeterianism: These vegetarians in addition to vegetables also consume dairy.
  • Ovolactovegeterianism: in addition to vegetables, they also consume dairy, eggs and honey.

We developed  fruit base concentrates designed to mix with milk bases in drum formats as well as 20 kg bibs.

We are not only vegan food manufacturer but also Vetarian food manufacturer and supplier and we export and distribute our products worldwide.

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Food

    vegan and vegetarian manufacturer and supplier

  • Marmalades

  • Yoghourts

  • Dairy bases

  • Smoothies and syrups

  • Cocktails

  • Fillings

  • Jelly gums

  • Vegetable cream

  • Juices and nectars

  • Soft drinks

  • Bakery

  • Ice creams