Granaka pomegranate juice

ABC juice Apple Beetroot Carrot

ABC juice:

Inside of our Granaka brand we add an ABC juice Apple Beetroot Carrot. this juice mix is famous because of antoxidant properties.

ABC  juice is made from apple juice NFC, Carrot juice nfc  NCF and  Beetroot juice NFC mixed in a relation 4:2:1 that is the perfecto proportion in this juice

. As our Omega 5 this juice mix is very help for skin health because of high vitamin A content.

This juice mix can be into Agein range, and can be consider a natural energetic juice, for this reason it is recomendad to have in the breakfast. it is also well known because of capacity of weight reduction as it has a low glycemic index and very rich in fibre. It gives you a proper amount of energy with low calories.

Properties in ABC juice:

  • Vitamins And Minerals. This juice content vitamins – A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K,  and minerals like folate, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, niacin, sodium and manganese.
  •  Aging  juice. Due to the vitamins and minerals included naturally in this juice, we can include in aging juice range.
  • Vision  health. The natural content in A vitamin, is essential for enhancing vision.
  • Boosts Memory. It also improves a person’s attention span, memory and concentration level
  • Fights Diseases. Natural content of vitamins and minerals make this super juice have an strong immunity you can battle common diseases like the  virus infection ( coronavirus, flu,) anemia, and even asthma. .abc juice apple beetroot and carrot



abc juice presentation


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