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We are manufacturers and supplier of  juice concentrate, fruit concentrate, puree and pulp of fruit and vegetable, preserved and many different raw materials. We are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers and Exporters of raw materias for food industry made in Spain.


Our products fulfill the highest standard of quality, owing our supplier all the necessary certificates.


BAOR GROUP is the evolution of Bermejo Agentes, a family company with more of 70 years of expertise in the agro alimentary industry. 

Highest quality products

Products “Made in Spain” manufactured with raw materials of first quality.
We are Manufacturers, Suppliers,Wholesalers and Exporters
We are present in the 5 continents, we distribute our products in all Europe ( France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Finland, hungary..), China, Korea, Japan, England, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Russia , Emirates…

We produce in some factories in Spain, and export worldwide, we are expert in fruit juice concentrates

Pomegranate concentrate, grape concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, apple concentrate, sour cherry concentrate/ tart cherry concentrate, raspberry concentrate, peach dices, fruit concentrates, orange juice NFC, lemon juice NFC, mandarin juice NFC, grapefruit juice NFC, orange cells, lemon cells, mandarine cells, grapefruit cells, pulps and purees of fruits and vegetables, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, mandarine essential oil … 

Baor Products also produce orange comminuted 1:1 and orange comminuted 3:1; lemon comminuted 1:1 and lemon comminuted 3:1 ; pomegranate comminuted 1:1 and pomegranate comminuted 3:1.

All our products are 100 vegetal origin and so that they are available for Vegan and Vegetable food production. our vegetable purees as broccoly, pumkin, pepper or tomato are exported worldwide for diference veggies productions.

Pomegranate juice concentrate:

Spain is a world reference in pomegranate juice premium quality. This fruit has lots of health properties that are well known historically. Her taste is sweet taste and astringent, tipical of pom skin punicallagins

Pomegranate juice concentrate is made from the evaporation or pomegranate juice. This fruit has many healthy properties and  helps to prevent osteoarthritis and helps to prevent cancer risk. Pomegranate juice NFC is an amount of potasium, vitamin C and vitamin B ( Niacin). Pomegranate juice contains natural antioxidants that also helps to control colesterol levels. Some investigations also said that block ACE protein.

Most important pom varieties that we use in our juices are wonderful and mollar ones. All are havest in the south of Spain, mainly Elche and Murcia.

Drink daily a pomegranate juice also helps to maintain blood preaure levels and PSA leves stable.

Evaporating pom juice NFC and concentrating natural sugars, we can get a pom concentrate, usually in 65 º Brix.

At Baor Products we also produce pomegranate juice NFC ( Squeezed) and pomegranate concentrates.

Orange Juice:

Spain is a world reference in orange juices. Our quality is famous for taste and flavour. There are famous our Valencia Orange and Navel oranges varieties. Drink orange juice diary helps to have the daily needs of vitamin C yo your body. Orange juice contains Thiamin and Flavonoids that helps to maintains our inmune system. In Baor products we developed some recipes of orange concentrate adding natural bioflavonoids to increase the natural leves of this natural anti-inflamatory.

with evaporation of NFC orange juice we can obtain orange concentrate, usually 65 brix, that has the same characteristics than juice NFC once diluted.

Lemon juice:

Murcia is famous for our lemon productions. Our fruit is tasty and fruity and is used to produce lemon concentrate and Lemon Juice NFC. Lemon juice is the king of vitamin C, lemon juice can be used in many industrial application as sustitute of citric acid, adding a more natural taste.

Lemons are concentrated to 45 or 50 brix aproximatelly, to ger 400 or 500 gpl qualities. There are many qualities of lemon concentrate, and each one os recommended for a different production. cloudy lemon juice can be used in vegetable tins production, or as an acidity corrective in fruit puree production. Lemon clear concentrate can be used to produce energy drinks or lemon drinks.

White Grape juice concentrate:

White grape juice concentrate is produced from sulphited musts by means of desulphitation and concentration by evaporation. Our white grape juice concentrate comes from the desulfitation of manufacturing musts in the area of Castilla La Mancha, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN.

The main variety used is Airen, which are harvested in August – October mainly in the Castile area.

Due to its characteristics and price, this concentrate constitutes the base of many multifruits and mixtures of different grapes. In addition, it is also used for the production of white wines through alcoholic fermentation. This Juice Concentrate can be used only by dilution at 15-16 brix. Once product is diluted is important to maintain in cool storage beacuse of it is easy to start natural fermentations to convert the juice in wine.

Red Grape Juice Concentrate :

Grape juice concentrate contains reveratrol, it is demostrated that drink dairy grape juice helps to maintain colesterol levels in blood. In Baor products we produce grape juice NFC ( squeezed) and grape juice concentrate in many qualities.

Tomato juice:

We produce  tomato juice NFC, tomato puree and tomato puree concentrate. Tomato juice is rich in Vitamin A and C, also contains Lycopene that is a well known anti ageing. In our tomato range, we also produce Spanish gazpacho, mixing other fresh vegetables to get the most important famous vegetable soup of Spain.

Sour Cherry concentrate:

We develop a new range of sourcherry concentrate inside our range our Go Nine concentrates, that are beeing distributed worldwide.

  •  Tart cherry Montmorency type ( sour cherry ),   well known because of his antioxidant properties mainly. Those sour cherry is a perfecto complement to our go nine pomegranate concentrate, that also has antinflamatory properties . This concentrate is beeing used more and more each day because of her healthy properties.
  • Sourcherry Lutowka type,  this cherry is very used in jelly, dairy and ice creams because of her caracteristic taste.
Sour cherry is in general a great antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that out organism produce all days naturally. Cherrys are also rich in antocianins, that are a great natural colorant.
Cherries are fruit that are comsumed worldwide and our Go nine, because of her desing and ussage is perfect to produce homemade drinks, coctails, ice cream, desserts and also to salads dressing.
Available in 1 litre go nine, drums 250 kg or bag in box 20 kg


Baor products is Organic Certified and has a range of organic fruit products suitable for many fruit productions. We produce 100% organic fruit and UE – Spain certifed.

We produce fruit puree, juices NFC and also other organic fruit concentrates as Organic strawberry concentrate, Organic pomegranate concentrate, Organic cloudy lemon 400 gpl or Organic clear lemon 500 gpl

HPP (high pressure processing) : “Super juices”

Hpp (high pressure processing) is a system by which the juice is pasteurized cold, and once packaged. In this packaging, pressure is applied to the final container to deactivate the possible pathogens that are in the product, making it possible to have a more natural fruit juice and as freshly squeezed. They are about the “Super juices”

This type of packaging makes the juice better maintain its properties, being more aromatic and fresh, maintaining its vitamins and properties. In packaging HPP has as main characteristics:

  • Destroys, inactivates and reduces microorganisms in the packaged product
  • Inactivates enzymes in the packaged product
  • Stabilizes the product, being able to extend its conservation in refrigeration and / or freezing
  • Maintains the quality of the product, making its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics remain unaltered after packaging

Under this type of packaging we can fill our final products Sunlemon hpp lemon juice, or Granaka pomegranate juice HPP

Logo_Sunlemon_NegroSunlemon lemon juice packaged in HPP, is a juice as freshly squeezed, and perfect for cocktails, hospitality or dressings.

Granaka zumo de granada

Granaka pomegranate juice HPP maintains all the characteristics of pomegranate juice.

  • Food Ingredients producer

    Raw materials for food industry, bulk sizes for factory. Juice concentrate, fruit concentrate, NFC juices, puree and fruit pulps.

  • Wholesaler

    Finish product for wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurant, hotels and catering

  • The health factory Omega 5 Shop

    Omega 5 is a natural oil obtained from pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate is a superfood that help to control colesterol levels, generate collagen or even with anti-inflamatory properties and natural antioxidant.

    In Baor Products we produce capsuls of omega 5 plus vitamin E direct for compsuption for retail market, direct from factory.

    The health factory Omega 5

  • GRANAKA pomegranate juice

    Granaka is a pomegranate juice squeezed from pomegranates cultivated in Spain. This juice is filled in cristal bottle 100% recyclable to confirm our commitment with the environment. We maintain our juice frozen till the day of fill, to get the fresher and tastier juice as possible.

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14/07/2020 New season : Raspberry pure and Raspberry concentrate 2020

Due to coronavirus infections in the Spanish raspberries fields, and to freeze weather in Poland, market prices of raspberry puree and Raspberry concentrate has increase last weeks.

It spect to has high prices till new season in September at least. Baor still will maintain prices of raspberry fruit concentrates.

09/08/2020 Grape juice concentrate 2020 season.

Due to the good weather this spring, Spain is specking a great grape juice crop. We will have a huge increase of production of grape juice this year. Because of coronavirus crisis, world wine consumptions decreased this 2020 year and warehouses still have red grape juice concentrate from the last season in stock.
About white grape juice concentrate, Spain also will have cheaper prices than last year, also in 65 and 68 brix.
17/08/2020 APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE AND PUREE  2020  season information.
We are starting to prepare the new apple season. Europe is finishing a cheap crop 2019 with a low prices.
It is spected a decrease in fruit production worldwide, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, China and USA will have a fruit decrease decrease production.  Most likely, prices will remain stabilized, dragged down by low grape prices. Everything will depend of fresh fruit and juice markets

20/09/2020 Grape juice concentrate season 2020 Spain.

Grape juice season is nearly to finish. We had a very good crop with a great fruit grape production. In white grape juice concentrate we saw this week lower prices since many years ago, it seems to be the bottom and they will started to raise. It is very probably that they will increase about a 10% in the next months.
About red grape juice concentrate, We also have a good production. In Spain there are still red grape juice stocks of the last crop, due to the stop of the winery for Covid crisis, and so it is very probably that prices maintain in the levels that we have now.

10/10/2020 pomegranate 2020 season in Spain

It is confirmed that Spain has a decrease in fruit production fo about 20%.
We are having a good fruit picking and volume of pomegranate juice and pomegranate concentrate production finally it is timed to be the same that last year. We will maintain prices during 2020/2021 season maintaining for our habitual high standard qualities
We started with the first bottle fillings of Granada pomegranate juice squeezed,  this pomegranate juice project will has their own website at we add at this family one ABC juice composed by apple+beetroot+carrot juice that is a potent antioxidant as the resto of Granaka range
28/10/2020 Mandarin juice and mandarin concentrate season 2020/2021 Spain.
We are starting with the new mandarin season 2020. We are again in a high season juice prices in Spain.
First market prices of mandarin juice NFC 2020/2021 season has appear in the market and  are again at higher levels than orange juice NFC.
It is very posible that increase consumption of fresh fruit and volumes of fruit for factory decrease.
In Baor Product developed a mandarin fruit concentrate with whole fruit, that has high aroma and taste and low market prices.
04/01/2021: Juice Lemon season  2021.
Lemon fruit production in Spain has been good this year. Low prices of fresh fruit of others origins is making that lemon juice and lemon concentrate manufacturers had to pay more for fruit. although this situation prices are starting at the same levels as last season.

02/01/2021 Essential Oils Cold Press – Lemon essential oil and orange essential oil 2019-2020

We finish with the last low prices season. Although there is a 30% less of harvest in the Mediterranean countries the price of the essential oil is increasing last weeks till normal levels. warehouses are empty, and the most razonable thing is that prices cotinue in those levels.

23/03/2021 Strawberry crop 2021 . STRAWBERRY PUREE – STRAWBERRY CONCENTRATE

The season  has started very slow, it is expected that strawberry puree and concentrate season 2021 wont change significantly. We have had very low temperatures in the south of Spain and almost no fruit has been harvested.

aster is the date where more fruit is usually collected, and the expected rise in temperatures in the coming days will make the fruit ripen faster. At the moment, it is not expected that there will be many price variations compared to last year because, although less area has been planted, some 6000 hectares of fresh fruit markets have been somewhat slow

20/05/2021: apricot puree and apricot concentrate season 2021:

apricot pureeA difficult season is presented in Spain and in the rest of Europe. We have had an atypical winter and this has meant that we do not have a good flowering of the trees, which has caused a decrease in the production of first quality fruit. These last weeks we have also had storms followed by days of strong sun, which has also caused a lot of fruit to crack, which will increase the second quality fruit for apricot purees and apricot concentrates.

23/06/2021: Raspberry puree and raspberry concentrate 2021:

We have just finish the june raspberry season. We came from a finish season with empty warehouses and this made an increase in demand.

23/06/2021 : Peach puree and Peach concentrate 2021:

Prevision of apricot puree was confirmed and now we are specting a similar peach season. Prices are starting to increase those days, although we dont spect a badly season as apricot one. At baor we have available 2021 season peach puree concentrate 30/32 brix in aseptic drums and Made in Spain.


pomegranate juice nfc manuacturer and supplierPomegranate juice season 2021 is nearly to start. We had a good flowering this spring, and due to last weeks rains, farmers are speaking a decrease fruit production.

Spain will start to collect pomegranates in October; probably at the end because of  season is delayed. First production quantity dates said that we have an important decrease in mollar variety and a normal season in wonderful one.

Spain don´t think in increase juice prices this year, because still have some stock of last season, and this one will be used to the scarce in Mollar variety.

Spain continues being a reference in production , supplier and high quality of pomegranate juice Mollar NFC and pomegranate juice Wonderful NFC.

31/08/2021 NEXT CITRIC SEASON 2021:  Orange juice, lemon juice and mandarin juice.

We are finishing a short citrus season 2020, with a great pressure of juices of other origins at low prices. It spect another low production 2021 season in all mediterranean area with an increase of prices. It also spect an increase of prices in all south America, that will have a second low season with 2021 one. Florida season also dont have good dates. nowadays is very difficult to find orange juice and orange juice concentrate FCOJ  Spain origin.

About lemon juice,  it continues the high demand of the last months, and it expected a increase prices, in juice concentrate and juice NFC, in conventional and organic quality. Farmers are speaking about a decrease of 30% in lemon fruit production for next recollection.

Warehouses are empty of juices and concentrates of last crop, orange juice , lemon juice, mandarin juice and grapefruit juice.  it is possible that  increase in compsumption of those juices may be because of  vitamin C content

In baor product, we are preparing to afford a difficult worldwide new 2021 citrus season.