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We are manufacturers and supplier of  juice concentrate, fruit concentrate, puree and pulp of fruit and vegetable, preserved and many different raw materials. We are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers and Exporters of raw materias for food industry made in Spain.


Our products fulfill the highest standard of quality, owing our supplier all the necessary certificates.


BAOR GROUP is the evolution of Bermejo Agentes, a family company with more of 50 years of expertise in the agro alimentary industry. 

Highest quality products

Products “Made in Spain” manufactured with raw materials of first quality.
We are Manufacturers, Suppliers,Wholesalers and Exporters

We produce in some factories in Spain, and export worldwide, we are expert in: 

Pomegranate concentrate, grape concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, apple concentrate, spur cherry concentrate/ tart cherry concentrate, peach dices, fruit concentrates, orange juice NFC, lemon juice NFC, mandarin juice NFC, grapefruit juice NFC, orange cells, lemon cells, mandarine cells, grapefruit cells, pulps and purees of fruits and vegetables, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, mandarine essential oil … 

Baor Products also produce orange comminutted 1:1 and orange comminuted 3:1; lemon comminutted 1:1 and lemon comminutted 3:1 ; pomegranate comminutted 1:1 and pomegranate comminutted 3:1.

Pomegranate juice concentrate: Pomegranate juice concentrate helps to prevent osteoarthritis and helps to prevent cancer risk. Pomegranate juice NFC is an amount of potasium, vitamin C and vitamin B ( Niacin). Pomegranate juice contains natural antioxidants that also helps to control colesterol levels. Some investigations also said that block ACE protein.

Drink daily a pomegranate juice also helps to maintain blood preaure levels and PSA leves stable. In Baor Products we also produce pomegranate juice NFC ( Squeezed) and pomegranate concentrate. With our new range THF we also add pomegranate seeds oil (Omega 5) at our concentrates, having an increase of properties in our concentrates.

Orange juice concentrate: drink orange juice concentrate helps to have the daily needs of vitamin C yo your body. Orange juice contains Thiamin and Flavonoids that helps to maintains our inmune system. In Baor products we developed some recipes of orange concentrate adding natural bioflavonoids to increase the natural leves of this natural anti-inflamatory.

Grape juice concentrate: grape juice concentrate contains reveratrol, it is demostrated that drink dairy grape juice helps to maintain colesterol levels in blood. In Baor products we produce grape juice NFC ( squeezed) and grape juice concentrate in many qualities

Tomato juice: We produce  tomato juice NFC, tomato puree and tomato puree concentrate. Tomato juice is rich in Vitamin A and C, also contains Lycopene that is a well known anti ageing. In our tomato range, we also produce Spanish gazpacho, mixing other fresh vegetables to get the most important famous vegetable soup of Spain.

  • Food Ingredients producer

    Raw materials for food industry, bulk sizes for factory. Juice concentrate, fruit concentrate, NFC juices, puree and fruit pulps.

  • Wholesaler

    Finish product for wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurant, hotels and catering

  • The health factory Omega 5 Shop

    Omega 5 is a natural oil obtained from pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate is a superfood that help to control colesterol levels, generate collagen or even with anti-inflamatory properties and natural antioxidant.

    In Baor Products we produce capsuls of omega 5 plus vitamin E direct for compsuption for retail market, direct from factory.

    The health factory Omega 5



We expect a decrease of the 30% of production in Spain and neighbouring countries. The crop will be shorter althought due to 2018 stocks markets will keep prices in orange juice NFC and orange concentrate 65º brix.

Essential Oils Cold Press – Lemon essential oil and orange essential oil 2019-2020

Although there is a 30% less of harvest in the Mediterranean countries the price of the essential oil is falling due to the pressures of Florida and Argentina.


This year we have approximately the same plantations as 2019 crop. We spect a decrease in production due to we have less workers to pick strawberries in the land. Coronavirus produce the border closure and Spain have a decrease or 15% or workers in the field. Home confinement in Spain has decreased the fresh strawberry consumptions, what has caused a earlier finish of the crop.

Lemon juice natual NFC 750 ml Baor Brand.

Baor develops a new Project of Pure lemon juice squeezed in cristal jar 750 ml.

This product is a premium quality, and suitable for dressing, drinks, coctails, seasoning, ice creams, desserts….and more…

Pure lemon juice 100% has a lot of properties, it is a powerful antioxidant with a lot of properties , rich in vitamin C and a great purify that helps to eliminate toxins thanks to high content in calcium and potasium.

Lemon has a high content of flavonoids like hesperidin, that is a great cardiovascular protector, and thanks to vitamin C helps to digest and our inmune system.

Have a glass of pure lemonade each morning helps to keep fit, and can act as a diuretic.

In Baor we squeed lemons with the high standard of warranties and fill for you for a lot of applications.

more information in our pallet shop -Horeca service

01/06/2020 Stone crop 2020 in Spain

Due to coronavirus crisis, and weather Spain spect a short stone fruit crop. We started crop with lots of rains and stone storms during trees floewrings and growth fruits, those male a decrease of first quality fruit.
We are picking apricots this week and fruit providers are speaking that those high temperature will produce a quick fruit mature of apricots.
About peach, Spain spect a 30% decrease in fruit production.
Due to our experince we spect to have a increase demand in fruit concentrate, to avoid increase prices in final productions


We are starting to prepare the new Spanish pomegranate juice crop 2020. We had a good flowering this spring, and due to last weeks rains, farmers are speaking a decrease in mollar fruit production of 20%.

Spain will start to collect pomegranates in October, and it is possible that Spain couldn´t  pick all pomegranates due to the lack of workers for coronavirus crisis ( the same problem thet we had with the last strawberry crop )

A ingrease in prices will be very suitable because markests are sold out. Spain continues being a reference in production , supplier and high quality of pomegranate juice Mollar NFC and pomegranate juice Wonderful NFC.

We started to produce GRANAKA pomegranate squeezed juice, with the best knowledge and experience of years